The Pearl Within

French alchemists pursued the fountain of youth and elixirs brewed from Earth's finest elements. With the same passion for all-natural ingredients and everlasting beauty, our full line of pearl-based products seek to empower the whole potential of enduring natural beauty, health and vitality intrinsic to every person. (Click to learn more)

Our Philosophy

At Perenelle, we're intrigued by the beauties and wonders of Earth's natural ingredients and dedicated to promoting a revolution of all-natural, luxurious health and wellness. Much like the alchemists generations before us, we're entranced by the transmutation processes of youth and vitality, and nature and beauty. We share their pursuit for those elusive elements for maintaining youthful health and longevity.

Journey with Perenelle as we seek to uncover nature's treasures, live beautifully and find the pearl within every person.

Our History

Jessica Puckett, owner of Perenelle, Inc., is a board-certified, licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and aromatherapist, with a specialty in cosmetic acupuncture. She has a Master?s of Science and has studied/worked with various famous herbalists, aromatherapists and perfumers. She is also a published author of The Pearlescent Flame: Living Beautiful, an inspirational novel about living beautifully, mind, body and spirit. Jessica has a personal passion to help everyone age beautifully and find their pearl within.

While working with patients, Jessica needed a premium, all-natural skincare product. Therefore, she developed the original Nacrè product line, using herbs and essential oils chosen specifically for their nurturing and regenerative benefits.

Perenelle is an extension of that quest—a search for those elements that empower beauty and health, and a continuation of the ideals of alchemy. The precursor to modern chemistry, alchemy sought more than just mythical philosopher's stones, youthful fountains or elixirs of life. It's intrigued aspirants sought enlightenment, beauty and a transcended understanding of Earth's resources.

Perenelle pursues that same ambition for personal transmutation. We seek to cultivate minds and bodies, to explore natural, luxurious assets, and to teach an adoration of self-worth and intrinsic beauty. Our all-natural products are designed not to imitate artificial beauty but to empower your already-present youthfulness, health and vitality—to help you find the pearl within.


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